Writing to Share & Teach

Writing to Share & Teach

George Orwell's main reason for a writer to write was Sheer egoism - the desire to seem clever, to be talked about and remembered after death.

My main reasons to write is to:

  1. share my experience and
  2. teach what I know.

I learnt this concept in the international best-selling book Rework - written by David H. Hansson and Jason Fried. Writing gives me a process of clear thinking, understanding myself and an improved way of communicating with others.

black and silver fountain pen
Photo by Álvaro Serrano / Unsplash

I intend using this blog as a central repository - for all my writings that might be published on-line. I plan on posting anything; from my experience in the world of Software Development, reviews on stuff I interact with and reflections on our day to day lives with the lessons I learn.

For the moment, I am not using a domain name so as to focus on the writing experience.

I can also use other platforms such as Medium, but with my Blog, hosted independently - I have more control on my content. Moreover, I don't know when the site might be down, and I lose all my content or they can change their policies any time without notice.

Wordpress is another excellent CMS platform. I find Ghost, however, to be easier to install, especially when using Digital Ocean's One Click Install applications. Either case, on a glance, manually installing Ghost is a straightforward experience.

I am going to publish here first, then on the Internet - for example, more technical posts on Medium or other publications elsewhere on the Web.