Why I don't need an iPhone?

Average people spend money on things they can't afford, just to stand out, to impress their peers. But is it the right choice?

Why I don't need an iPhone?

iPhones are expensive mobile phones, not designed for the average people in mind.

Yet, plenty of people buy it even if they can't afford it. In India, people have to sell their kidney in order to buy this cellphone. Having such a devise is a sign of prestige in most circles and is the shiny tool that gets people addicted to it.

Not all that glitters is gold.

I realise an iPhone is not a panacea; which means it does not solve all my problems. In fact, if I was to buy one, it would add more problems. As it is super expensive, I would have to use almost all my savings to buy it or pay an exorbitant price if bought by credit. What happens if something urgent then crop by and I have nothing to pay ? Life is unpredictable and often times, it hits it when you least expect it.

For many people, they have an iPhone as a way of showing their status, even though, they are average people like everyone else. They do not have a high income nor a business people with outlandish profits. When others see their brand new iPhones, they are impressed; but man makes money - money does not make man.

I personally could not care less what people think about me. So I don't need an expensive iPhone to show off. I similarly don't need to drive an Audi A4 to please people, who in fact don't care about me or my success.

As an average person, raised in a middle class family, I know my strengths, weaknesses and limits. I prefer investing this money in additional education or skills. I prefer for instance buying a good but much cheaper laptop to follow programming courses that are high in demand in the marketplace around the world. I prefer improving my writing skills so as to better communicate.

I can even think of people who prefer taking this money and invest in funds or plans while others can start a business. I recently heard a friend telling me about an acquaintance of his - who with only Rs 50000, started a shop selling women's clothes. The business has been doing so well a few years later, that they are now planning on opening another one soon.