Review of my new glasses Blue Light Filter

Are eye wear with blue light filters worth it? Or are they only trends? Read to find my experience.

Review of my new glasses Blue Light Filter

What is a Blue Light Filter?

Blue light rays emit from white light or sunlight. They have benefits such as helping us stay awake during the day. However, too much blue light, especially from artificial sources such as computer and mobile phone screens can have negative effects on our eyes, general lifestyle and sleep cycle.

According to studies, blue light contributes in Digital Eye Strain (DES) when using screens for long periods of time. The filter therefore helps reducing light at this wavelength.

Why I decided to buy them?

My previous glasses that I bought almost 3 and half years ago had a minimal blue light filter according to the optometrist. At that time, I did not understand what this filter meant. They told me it was better when working on a computer screen the whole day. I nevertheless didn't notice the blue violet reflection on the glasses. It was green and perhaps slightly blue if my memory serves me well. And after a couple of years, I no longer saw the blue tint. A salesperson later told me that as a filter, they can wear off, especially if cleaned without special cleaning cloth designed for glasses.

I did not bother with it anymore until I recently watched a developer's video on Youtube explaining how his new glasses with Blue Light filters decreased his migraines and amount of headaches he usually had after coding for the whole day. To confirm this hypothesis, I then read several articles online on this subject. These filters had their positives but some researchers said it made no difference - as sunlight already had plenty of blue light emanating - which by now should have damaged our eyesight.

With that in mind, I asked a few friends of mine about their experiences because I usually experienced headaches and symptoms of Digital Eye Strain such as dry eyes. They confirmed to an extent, that their new glasses help with these issues. I usually have no problem when working in a dimly lighted environment, but in my office at work, there are plenty of light tubes straining my eyes. With good IPS screens in a less lighted environment, I can in theory work for hours.

My First Impression

Now having used my new glasses for around a week, I confirm that my headaches and dry eyes have significantly decreased. It can also be a placebo but at the same time, I feel I further enjoy my experience working with a computer screen for long hours of time. I have the impression that my eyes are more relaxed. My prescription have changed though. That's perhaps another reason. Nonetheless, experts recommend that we take regular breaks so as not to strain our eyes too much when working with screens.

Do I recommend the blue light filters?

If you work with computer or mobile devices for significant stretch of time, I recommend them. They are, however, relatively expensive. Even if they do not make a positive impact straightaway, we have to develop the habit of prioritising our health by improving our tools and things we can in our environment.