My experience writing my first Job Description for Recruitment

In this post, I share my experience writing my first Job Description for recruitment purposes.

My experience writing my first Job Description for Recruitment


As a team lead, I am lately helping with recruitment for the post of full stack web developer. My first task is to write a job description. Without willing to reinvent the wheel, I use the Pareto Principle approach - which is getting reasonable results with minimum effort.

After looking online for a few existing templates, I copy and paste the main keywords such as experience in NodeJS, TypeScript or Single Page Applications (SPA).

I also try customising them based on the nature of the customer’s work and technologies so that potential candidates have an accurate image of the job.


Huge Demand

Over the last decade, the Software Development industry has seen sensational demand for good developers. I think anyone who is interested in improving their craft can continue growing and learning. Even those not inclined in programming, has endless other possibilities - web design, networking, software customer representative, technician.

Additionally, software development has also been merging with other industries such as Marketing, Operations and lately Analytics. This has brought even more opportunities to make a long term career.


In this field, I believe even if a person does not know the technology in the post he or she is applying, but has the correct attitude for learning and improving, the latter can be a good candidate.


I’ve learnt from the bestselling book Mindset, that working for the sake of learning is better than working solely for getting results. This growth fuels most of my motivation. I try new potentially uncomfortable things such as, helping with recruitment or learning a new programming paradigm, just for learning.