List of companies for JavaScript Developers in Mauritius

JavaScript Developers, this is a brief list of the number of companies that develop in JavaScript in Mauritius.

List of companies for JavaScript Developers in Mauritius

Which companies to work with in Mauritius for JS developers?

In this post, I list a number of companies involved with JavaScript development. Otherwise, most IT/Dev companies in Mauritius are concerned with ERP, .NET and/or JAVA.

As a result, there is a lack of JS developers on the market. Most Web Development companies prefer looking for experienced Developers rather than forming freshers from University. Therefore, many of them, even if they like these tech, go work for the big ones such as Accenture, who invest in forming them.

So if you're a Software Developer wanting to work with JavaScript - look no further. Due to time constraint though, I've added only companies I've worked with, I know of, or have friends working there.

A few years back, I hesitated shifting from ERP to Web Development, particularly, JavaScript technologies - as I struggled finding companies doing so. Almost five years later, the prospects are much higher.

Companies doing JavaScript Development

The following is a list of companies - in no particular order - developing in JavaScript.

CHB Technologies
Technologies: AngularJS Angular NodeJS TypeScript MongoDB
Short Description: CHB Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of the CHB Group based in Switzerland, is a Software development that use latest technologies.
bonus: remote working

IKCS Communications
Technologies: VueJS NodeJS CoffeeScript TypeScript

This is where I am currently working as a full stack web developer (Team Lead). I am fortunately not involved with DevOps and IT support, I could otherwise have been by myself a full IT department. We are currently using VueJS as front-end framework, CoffeeScript as programming language and NodeJS in the backend. Some projects also use TypeScript.

Uniconsults Ltd
Technologies: AngularJS NodeJS
Short Description: For more than 15 years, Uniconsults is committed to provide the means to improve companies’ operational performance.

Technologies: AngularJS Angular
Short Description: PHARMAGEST MAURICE (HDM Ltd) est la filiale informatique Offshore du groupe Pharmagest Interactive, leader de l`informatique officinale en France (700 collaborateurs, 10.000 pharmacies installees)

Technologies: Angular ReactJS
Short Description: Ennov IT est une société mauricienne, spécialisée dans le développement d’applications web et mobiles.

Proximity BBDO
Technologies: ReactJS VueJS NodeJS MongoDB
Short Description: Proximity Indian Ocean is a technical agency globally renowned for its technological expertise, high achievement and where the highest standards are developed and maintained.

Esokia Web Agency
Technologies: ReactJS VueJS NodeJS MongoDB
Short Description: Esokia Webagency is an international digital group specialized in internet websites, mobile programming and web marketing.

Technologies: Angular
Short Description: Bp2r  est une société de conseil et de services en supply chain spécialisée dans le domaine du transport (route, mer, air, fer).

Technologies: JavaScript
Short Description: For the past 30 years give or take, we at FRCI have been striving to make our actions define us more than our words.

Technologies: AngularJS NodeJS React Native
Short Description: For the past 30 years give or take, we at FRCI have been striving to make our actions define us more than our words.

iFox Code
Technologies: AngularJS React Native
Short Description: iFox Code est une agence spécialisée en développement Mobile et Web.


There are also Recruitment Companies that help bridging the gap between JavaScript development and JavaScript developers. I've previously worked with Succexa, which I highly recommend for landing JavaScript Development jobs. Techfindr and Alentaris are also good options.