In Search of the French Press

In Search of the French Press

The French Press is a type coffee brewing device, that's easy to prepare delicious coffee with. I find it highly practical even though it's quite fragile. It's also less expensive than capsules.

Photo by Sylvain Thrd / Unsplash

The problem, however, is that this appliance is rare in Mauritius. I only managed to buy it from Aldrex once but it's nowhere in Supermarkets or even places that are supposed to sell Coffee and related appliances.

With the French Press, the taste is excellent and with the ease of preparing a good cup of coffee, I highly recommend it. The only problem being that it's not readily available on the Mauritius market. There is a small one available on PriceGuru.

The best brewing device I've found so far though - in terms of taste - is the Moka Pot. However, it's a bit tedious to prepare particularly when in a hurry. I recently bought one at the Jumbo Supermarket.

Coffee Pot
Photo by Charlie Solorzano / Unsplash

Coffee capsules with brands such as Nespresso is the fastest to prepare and easy to maintain. The cost of the capsules are expensive though if you're interested in consuming coffee throughout the day.