How to transfer files quickly and easily to your friends and colleagues?

If you have a good internet connection, here's how you can transfer huge files to your friends and colleagues.

How to transfer files quickly and easily to your friends and colleagues?

Being able to send big files quickly is particular useful during the curfew and when working or studying from home.


In this post, I share a couple of tricks you can use to easily send files to your friends, colleagues or class mates. You would normally have used the internal network at work or use a pen drive in order to do so.

How I normally send files?

If the size is less or equal to 25mb, I directly attached the documents and send by mail.

I otherwise upload them on either Google Drive or Dropbox. I however don't have a professional account with neither, so I make sure to remove the files after been shared so that I don't reach my total limit.

I afterwards get the link to share and send by chat or email.

Even if this approach works, there is too much friction with numerous clicks and use of multiple software. This becomes cumbersome if you have to juggle through multiple activities.

Two more efficient solutions

So here are two better yet free solutions:

  1. Firefox Send

With this option, you can directly upload your file. Once uploaded, you can send the generated link to your recipient. You have a 1 GB file limit though, which should nonetheless be plenty for most tasks.

Additionally, the default options only have expiration of either one day or one download. This is sufficient for me as I only need to share a file quickly without having to enter emails.

You can - however, by creating a Firefox account - be able to change the expiry date and the upload limit.

2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a popular file transfer solution that most of my marketing colleagues use to transfer big files such as a collection of photos, high quality videos and multiple documents. That's how I first heard it several months ago, way before the Curfew.

This application has a 2 GB transfer limit with a different workflow. You need to put both your and your recipient(s)' email. Once they've downloaded the file(s), you are notified through your email.

Depending on your connectivity, they are both relatively fast for uploading and downloading your files.