How to start learning to code today?

How to start learning to code today?


Software is eating the world.

Companies having only brick and mortar models are being forced to downsize or literally go out of business.

The demand for Developers is ever-growing even throughout the Covid Pandemic.

If you're a student, recruiter, HR officer, or in any other domains but want to break into tech, now is easier to do than before.

You don't even need a special computer or lots of money to begin learning to code today.

Some people have even learned coding on their old mobile phones. There truly isn't any excuse.

The barrier to entry of becoming a programmer is lowering. You no longer need to attend expensive courses.

You can start for free. The only thing you need though is the desire to learn and make a routine every day to sit down and study.

Choice of Programming Language

You can choose any of the top languages to start learning. There is no wrong answer here. Each of them is highly in demand.

Nevertheless, having worked with most of the popular ones, I think these ones are the easiest, to begin with:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby

Python is mostly used for Web Development, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

JavaScript can be used for almost any kind of development but is highly popular as a full-stack Web Development language.

Ruby is well known in Web Development.

Languages to avoid as a beginners

These ones have a lot of overhead to learn.

  • C#
  • Java
  • C/C++

I would recommend learning Python as you don't even need to install the software on your laptop. You can simply follow along with free online interactive consoles.

Let's get started:

Grab a pen and a notepad.

Make yourself comfortable.

Introduction to Programming Concepts.

Introduction to Programming with Python in 1 hour by Mosh.

This one is longer but covers all the bells and whistles for a beginner:

Code Python from your browser:

Python Online Compiler & Interpreter - Replit

Free online Python console:

Your Interactive Python Console (

For a more hands-on practical approach:

You can start with the basics and move along.

If you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn, you can drastically improve your mindset, approach and tactics by reading this outstanding book by Angela Duckworth. (notably how to keep pushing when you want to give up)

For me, it has changed the way I approach life. Nothing seems insurmountable. If I can't do something today, I'll try again tomorrow with even more determination to make it work.