How to relax from an intensive coding session?

Working harder without taking breaks in between is like running a car without stopping for gas. It sooner or later catches on you.

How to relax from an intensive coding session?

Before continuing your work throughout the day.

As software developers, we often have to focus on long hours of reading and writing codes. I've noticed the more I try to work without pausing, the slower I advance in my task. I waste more time. Therefore taking regular breaks between intense coding session is highly recommended, but what are good ways to do that?

I've asked a few friends for their opinions or habits.

  • Spending time on sites like Twitter or Quora
  • Chatting with nearby friends and/or colleagues online
  • Checking latest sport news
  • Watching random YouTube videos
  • Cutting all screens and technologies to have a walk outside in the sun and smell the fresh air
  • Talk to colleagues around (without hopefully disturbing them)

Some companies even have PS 4 with the latest brand of FIFA, two controllers and a huge TV which developers can use in their free time or when they have completed the work for the day.

Photo by Rustic Vegan / Unsplash

Others offer the flexibility of working from home from time to time. Developers can also nap to better recuperate or spend their breaks by being with their families.

For me, walking around in the sun with a colleague or two, and cutting completely from technologies for at least 20 minutes or so enables me to recuperate well so that I can continue another session of intensive programming.