How to make your git messages more interesting?

How to make your git messages more interesting?

A few months ago I noticed a colleague using emoticons in his git commits. Intrigued, I began adding emoticons as well - albeit without following any structure though. I usually used the coffee ☕️ one a lot.

Once another colleague discovered and shared the origin of this concept, I immediately adopted it.

This not only makes the process more interesting but is also easier to read especially at a glance when looking at your past commits.

The ones I used most:

  • work in progress 🚧
  • adding a test ✔️
  • general update ⚡️
  • refactor code 🔨
  • lint 👕
  • configuration 🔧
Minimalist boardroom
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I usually write my commits in a way that I can briefly know what I did and write my task reports from it the next days - also handy for daily meetings.