How can Metro passengers book their tickets online

This is how I can design a prototype for booking metro tickets online

How can Metro passengers book their tickets online

Metro Travel

Almost everyone I know is asking me the same question concerning the new Metro in Mauritius; have you travelled in it yet?

No. I am not a naturally lazy person by no point, but having to line up in a Metro station to buy a ticket for later use is too much work for me (at this point). The station is relatively far by foot. I therefore need to drive there, park my car nearby and take my tickets. Once done, I walk back to the place I parked my car before driving back home. A lot of hassle for someone who does not need to travel by Metro for the moment such as commuting to work.

A highly effective solution - I can therefore think of - is to enable passengers to book their tickets online.

With the whole project being costly and taking up huge resources, for the moment I believe the organisation is primarily focusing on building the transport infrastructure in different regions.


As a writer, developer and problem solver, I take this opportunity to design a simple prototype on how passengers can book their tickets online.

This is an example from busbud, which provide a platform for travellers to book their bus tickets throughout the country:


This is my prototype designed on Keynote:

Similar UI

The user selects the:

  1. starting address
  2. destination
  3. date
  4. number of passengers

He/She then clicks on the select button. A list of routes is displayed as cards.

When the user clicks on the book button, a popup is displayed confirming the travel time, destination and price. The latter shall also enter his National ID card and full name.

Payment Methods

Once the user has confirmed his or her travel, the user can pay by:

  1. Juice
  2. MyT money
  3. Credit card payment
  4. Paypal

The Metro Project can also provide a list of tickets that passengers can buy beforehand and use when book their travel.

Once payment has been made, a ticket number is assigned.


For the person to embark in the Metro, he or she just need to show their assigned ticket number to the Train Operator.