Can you work without a clipboard manager?

Can you work without a clipboard manager?

One of the best productivity tools I've used - irrespective of the Operating System - is a good clipboard manager. In my early Linux days, if my memory serves me well, such an application named clip man was installed by default.

I've since always used it on many Linux distributions. On Windows, however, it's a bit more tedious to install and use it. The clipboard management apps in particular, neither have an interesting UI nor it acceptably user friendly.


The one I am using currently on Mac is Maccy, which is free and open source, yet boasting tons of useful features. It's has both an interesting UI and is user friendly. You can dictate the number of items it stores but I believe, the more you have, the more resources it takes. I leave the default of 200 but I imagine, since I also copy and paste images a lot, this might take more memory than usual.

Amongst ways of listing these information, you can do it by:

  1. FIFO - order by first copied
  2. LIFO - order by last copied
  3. Most Used

With the above two options, there are duplicates while with the "Most Used" one, every item is unique and ordered by frequency.

Ways this enhance my productivity:

  • if I want something for later retrieval, I just copy paste it knowing that I have it at hand
  • given that my history log is quite big, once I copy paste it and do not restart my computer, I can always retrieve it ; Maccy has built in search functionality
  • I don't need to open another tool such as a notepad or textedit just to keep temporary information (I usually have to minimise and maximise), which then affects my workflow particularly when programming.