Books I am reading in 2019

This post is about the list of books I am reading or have read. And my wish-list.

Books I am reading in 2019

Inspired from dhh's post, I am writing the list of books I am currently reading or have read in 2019. I have also added my wish-list for the year.

The 5 AM Club

My only reason to buy this book was to have a copy - before my good friend got his. When I visited the book store, I had the intention of buying another title. But as only two copies were left, I bought it.

Robin Sharma uses his remarkable prose to uplift readers with inspiring words, concepts and examples.

After a few weeks, the ideas are now blossoming in my mind even though I haven't yet completed it. They become fuel that motivate me to disown mediocrity and rudimentary thinking and embrace a life of great thinking and building habits around expressing my best self.

I am now realising again - the importance of owning my morning - to elevate my life.


This book is about finding happiness and enjoying daily stuff without constantly seeking greener pastures and being miserable on the way.

The reason I chose to read this book is because I am often bored with trivial tasks at work. So the author shares plenty of insights, tips and techniques, such as gamification, to make such routine tasks more interesting.


The Ego is your Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

I think this book is interesting because it matches vividly with one of the basic concepts of Islam - you have to fight or overwhelm your ego and seek the way to God. Often times we are hurt by someone's words even if they did not intentionally mean it - and this audio or video keeps repeating in our mind. That's because we attached these words to our self, our ego and this hurts us.