As a programmer, how can I stay productive during the covid-19 lockdown?

As a programmer, how can I stay productive during the covid-19 lockdown?

The Covid 19 pandemic is increasing throughout the world, and more than ever, it's important to stay at home. During this isolation, some of us are in holidays having plenty of time to relax while others, like me, are working from home.


My mindset is to continue learning and growing, both with my job and with the current world situation. Plenty of questions linger at the back of my head concerning the future though: will prices go up, is there going to be a lack of resources? Or on the contrary - prices will plummet down - because of the a lack of demand - due to the curfew - with plenty of resources available.

At the same time, I try to focus on my circle of influence rather than circle of concern - basically meaning that - I choose to focus on things I can change rather than those I cannot. Right now, the best I can do - is stay at home and focus on the current opportunities - instead of blaming the situation on external things and doing nothing.


Photo by krisna iv / Unsplash

As almost everyone is at home - especially kids and with house chores to attend to - we cannot work like we usually do.

Working from home though depends from one person to another. I know colleagues who cannot work alone while for me, I am more productive at home because of less distractions and no artificial lighting system that tires my eyes.

Moreover due to the Covid-19 enormous risk of infection and the national lockdown, I cannot train at the gym. As a result, I don't have the same energy level to tackle my writing, coding and debugging sessions. However, my motivation is intact as I like programming and solving problems with technology.


I work in small batches of intense focus and take regular breaks in between. This enables me to concentrate on a specific type of work. Meanwhile, I use the do not disturb mode in my OS to avoid irrelevant messages and mails to distract.


At the end of the day, a way of framing this pandemic into a more positive note, with the isolation state, is that I spend more time with my family, be more spiritual and less materialistic.